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Five recruitment offices face cancellation of license due to non-compliance with regulations, plus three denied bank guarantees to pay dues

القائمة الجانبية

    The Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD) said on Monday five recruitment offices has faced cancellation of license with denying access to the ministry and related entities’ services as another three faced cancellation of bank guarantees due to failure to complying with the recruitment regulations and rules related to offering labor services in the local market. Khaled Abalkhail, spokesman for the MLSD, said the decision to shut down five offices resulted from granting their licenses to others in a direct and indirect way, adding cancellation of bank guarantees was made in order to pay dues because the office is either insolvent or reluctant to claim customers’ rights. Abalkhail pointed out these eight violating offices had undertaken field inspection and online supervision, including three in the Riyadh region and three in the Makkah Region and two in the Eastern Region. The spokesman added the ministry is keen to check if these offices and companies comply with the recruitment regulations through conducting inspection rounds and checking their status on the ministry’s online system. Abalkhail said the ministry seeks to protect rights of customers, ensure fairness, serve the public interest and penalize those who violate the regulations, urging the recruitment agencies to follow the rules. He also called upon customers to deal with approved offices and companies whose data is published on the Musaned website (www.musaned.gov.sa). These decisions come part of the preventive action imposed on recruitment offices and companies as the ministry continues to carry out inspection visits to check if recruitment agencies comply with the regulations, Abalkhail said as well. A number of recruitment offices and companies are being under investigation to make sure of their legal status and take measures against them if they commit violations, he said.

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