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MLSD implements 48,000 inspection rounds on mobile phone shops to enforce nationalization decision

القائمة الجانبية

    The Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD) said on Monday inspectors have conducted 48,701 inspection rounds on commercial centers and independent stores across various regions of the Kingdom to enforce the decision aiming to nationalize the telecommunication sector, which is in cooperation with government entities. Khaled Abalkhail, spokesman for MLSD, said the inspection rounds which started in 2018 till Aug. 11 have uncovered compliance of 46,595 entities to the decision compared to 2,106 failing to do so. During the crackdown, the inspection campaigns detected 2,088 violations, including 1,640 nationalization violations and 448 violations related to other labor issues, Abalkhail pointed out. The spokesman urged customers to report labor violations or submit inquires through contacting the Customer Service no. (19911) or using the ‘Ma3an Lil Rasd’ app on smart phones. Meanwhile, the total nationalization of the telecommunication sector aims to generate job opportunities for Saudi men and women who are interested to join the cell-phone industry in the light of the sector’s ability to provide lucrative income and job stability for them. Additionally, it seeks to limit security, social and economic issues and curb cover-up businesses as the sectoral enforcement also gives no exception for any establishment either mega, large, medium or small-sized.

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