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MLSD launches service allowing PwD to e-issue visas through customer support units

القائمة الجانبية

    The Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD) has launched a service that allows persons with disabilities to e-issue visas through visiting 39 customer service units which are affiliated to the ministry’s branches in 29 cities in various parts of the Kingdom. These points of service aim to expedite online issuing of visas and serve PwD who seek recruitment with ease. Khaled Abalkhail, spokesman for MLSD, said: ‘The service has developed in line with the Royal Decree that instructs fee waiver for PwD, and can be offered through the ministry’s branches or the Musaned website. The service has been linked with the social care system and the Musaned program to ensure those with disabilities are waived from paying visa fees to recruit workers with certain occupations.’ The spokesman pointed out those who have accounts with ‘Absher’ can use the service to e-issue visas via the website or Musaned app, and they can also visit individuals’ offices, MLSD-affiliate customer service units or recruitment offices/companies. Abalkhail said the alignment of service with the social care system also links those of other government entities and helps implement the recruitment regulations issued by the MLSD as the two systems verify eligibility of beneficiaries to be waived for visa fees that target certain occuptions as well as facilitate application process by using electronic channels.

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