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MLSD organizes workshop to explore national guide for orphans

القائمة الجانبية

    The Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD) said on Wednesday that its General Department for the Care of Orphans organized a workshop titled ‘The National Guide for Orphans’ for two days attended by ministry’s officials and orphanage managers, which was recently held at the Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski. Mrs. Sharaa al-Qhtani, general supervisor of the national guidelines for orphans, represented the provisions of the new scheme and how to implement it on orphan houses. Mrs. Ebtehal al-Saawy, director general of the care of orphans at MLSD, said: “The National Guide for Orphans was recently approved by the ministry and implemented by Director General for Programs and Activities Mr. Mohamed al-Gesayr. It acts as a comprehensive document with policies and procedures that serve orphans from their admission to orphan houses till they leave these houses.” Al-Saawy highlighted the main objectives of the guide are to develop administrative and procedural work at orphanages through expediting applications, facilitating easy access to info, improving services for beneficiaries (orphans, foster families), unifying work procedures and mechanisms across the Saudi regions, reducing one’s discretion at field and intensifying inspection as per approved methods. The guide helps train new employees on how to apply these provisions at orphan houses, al-Saawy added as well. Mr. Amro al-Sharif, project manager for the national guide for orphans, said the MLSD has been keen to prepare the guide with the help from a qualified team of coaches, educators, psychologists, social workers and family consultants. Al-Sharif added it will be implemented on all orphan houses in Saudi Arabia as the first phase of the project target the Social Nursing House of Olysha District and the Foster Family Division in Riyadh, saying the ministry’s move to approve this guide comes within its efforts to realize the goals of Saudi Vision 2030 aiming to improve services provided to orphans as important part of the society. At end of workshop, the director general for the care of orphans gave away an award of recognition to the team who worked on preparing the National Guide for Orphans.

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