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MLSD signs MoC with law office to provide consulting for women in shelter houses

القائمة الجانبية

    The Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD) signed on Wednesday a memorandum of cooperation with Faisal Alhajlah Talaat Law Office to offer legal consultations for women in care institutions, shelter houses and hospitality houses and to provide legal education for ministry’s staff as part of the ‘Waeya’ initiative. The ceremony which took place at the ministry’s HQ was signed by General Supervisor for Social Care and Family Eng. Al-Hejab Al-Hazmi and General Manager of the law office Mr. Faisal Alhajlah Talaat. According to MoC, the law office will provide legal consultations for women who reside in MLSD-affiliated hospitality houses and also represent them in court. Additionally, the office will offer education programs and conduct workshops for the ministry’s staff in a bid to enhance performance and spread legal awareness among social workers as part of ‘Waeya’ initiative, in addition to expanding legal services and consulting to reach shelter houses in various parts of the Kingdom.

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