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Request to establish of Family Fund in name of Al Shaikh Mohammed bin Ahmed bin Mohammed Bokhamseen Fund, located Al Ihssa Province.

القائمة الجانبية


    1. Abdul Kareem Mousa Abdullah Bokhamseen
    2. Abbas Mohammed Baqir Mousa Bokhamseen
    3. Abdullah Hassan Baqir Bokhamseen
    4. Mowafaq Mohammed Mousa Bokhamseen
    5. Jawad Hassan Baqir Bokhamseen
    6. Mukhtar Yaseen Mohammed Bokhamseen
    7. Adnan Ahmed Yaseen Bokhamseen
    8. Nasser Abdul Hadi Mousa Bokhamseen
    9. Sami Ahmed Mohammed Bokhamseen
    10. Ahmed Mansour Ahmed Bokhamseen
    11. Ayman Saman Hussain Bokhamseen
    12. Abdul Hadi Hassan Abdul Hadi Bokhamseen
    13. Ali Nasser Ali Bokhamseen
    14. Ali Abdullah Ali Bokhamseen
    15. Mohammed Yousef Ahmed Bokhamseen
    16. Iyad Hussain Matouq Bokhamseen
    17. Abdul Malik Ali Mohammed Bokhamseen
    18. Ali Ahmed Mohammed Hussain Bokhamseen
    19. Abdul Rauf Ahmed Salih Bokhamseen
    20. Abdullah Yousef Ahmed Bokhamseen

    * Representative of Founders/ Sami Ahmed Bokhamseen

    Objective of the Fund: The Fund is out of physical profit aims to the following:

    1. Organize harity among family members and provide cash assistance to the poor, the needy, orphans of family members and charity loans.
    2. Strength interrelationship and solve dispute family members.
    3. Organizing social and developmental events among family members.
    4. Train and rehabilitate of the unemployed family members and rehabilitate tthem for work, and provide scholrship for educational studdy.

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