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The conditions required to open the Hospitality Center for Children

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    The conditions required to open the Hospitality Center for Children:


    First: The applicant for the opening of the Hospitality Center shall submit the application letter to the Social Development Center and with her signature on a declaration and undertaking (Form A)

     Second: Providing the investor with the essential requirements for the initial approval of her application.           

    Third: It is ascertained that the conditions apply to the applicant as in (Form B) and provide the required papers as follows:

    - A copy of civil status card or the civil registry.

    - A copy of the ratified academic qualification.

    - A certificate of Good behavior and Conduct.

    - Evidence of non-employment in the government agencies.

    - The license application form as preliminary.

    - Certificate of absence of criminal precedents.

    - Required undertakings and declarations (Form 1, 2, 3).


    Fourth: The statement shall be returned to the applicant after the initial approval and she must be provided with the conditions that must be met in the building in order to start locating the hospitality center.

    Fifth: Not to hire until the site is visited by the (work team) and make sure that all the conditions and the validity of the building are met and submit a preliminary report and the notes to be collected are submitted to the technical committee.

     Sixth: The applicant shall be notified of the suitability of the building or not by the Social Development Center.

     Seventh: The work team shall visit the building as a final visit to ensure that all notes are completed and that the equipment of the category to be identified are available in the hospitality center.

     Eighth: An integrated report is prepared by (the Technical Committee) to report on the suitability of licensing of the Hospitality Center.

     Ninth: Submitting to the General Directorate for Community Development in the Ministry in accordance with the system of automatic linkage and attached with the following:

     - The license register for the application is filled with information and approved by the Director of the Center.

    - Report of the structural validity of the building and suitability for the class that benefit from it.

    - Security and safety certificate of the building according to the model adopted by the Civil Defense.

    - Comprehensive report on the availability of the equipment of the Center.

    - Statement of the cadre of staff and the tasks assigned to them.


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