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21 Days
Time anticipated to close the Request

Service Description


This is the first phase of solving labor dispute between the labor and the employer , the investigator presents the service within 21 days, seeking to find a friendly solution agreed on by all parties

The labor is not categorized as working from domestic labor.
The claimant should complain for the authority (friendly settlement management) according to the last city he was working in.
The claimant should complain for the entity (friendly settlement management) before 12 month of the complaint indecent
Labor office

Time Anticipated to Close the Request: Specified by friendly settlements entity


Required Documents


  • The claimant must have valid personal identification documents in order to identify himself (national identity, residency card, passport)
  • The claimant must have work relation proof documents
  • General knowledge of defendant's statements (defendant's name, full address and means of communication) in order to facilitate sending the notice
  • Any other documents that contribute to highlighting and proving claimant rights



Service Steps

  1. To raise a lawsuit for the Labor Dispute Settlement commission in order to set the case first hearing date.
  2. Detailed requests related to the complaint and presenting all required documents in order to receive an appointment notice.
  3. If no settlement is reached (Conciliation or waiver) within the specified period, the case shall be referred to the Preliminary commission for the Settlement of Labor Disputes