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Issuing Work Permits for Final Exit

القائمة الجانبية

    Service description

    Issuance of work permits for the purpose of finalizing the final exit from the Kingdom for workers whose work permit has not been issued or whose work permits have expired. Establishments or workers (if their work permits expire) may issue final exit permits.

    Applying Channels:

    • Labor office
      • Only for the worker who wants to issue a final exit
    • Electronic services
      • For second level

    Accepting Terms

    • Expatriate shall be (at the top of his work) .
    • The expatriate's work permit or residency is expired..
    • The expatriate shall remain under his registered establishment domain until the final exit from the Kingdom.
    • Establishment:
      • All establishments can use this service regardless of thier domain
      • The establishment is not allowed to issue a work permit for the purpose of final exit until 30 days from the expiry date  of the residence permit for the expatriate or 120 days for the newcomer.
    • Worker:
      • The expatriate himself may apply to the Labor Office to obtain the final exit permit.
      • A worker who has a border number and exceeds 90 days from his arrival in the Kingdom is allowed to obtain a final exit permit. then Passport General Department should issue residency number and final exit for him in one step.


    Required Documents

    • If the applicant is an Expatriate (through labor office) .
    • Expatriate residency

    Service Steps

    1. Electronic Servicecs
      1. Visit the electronic services website and login,select the establishment then select Issuing work permits for final exit.
      2. If you agree on the statement, click OK and add the workers you want to issue a final exit for and then click Search.
      3. Select the workers you want to exit permanently and press (issue) then the required amount and payment number will be displayed..
      4. Pay the required fees before you go to the the passport general department.
      5. After payment, visit the the Passport general department to issue the final exit visa..
    2. Labor office: 
      1. Visit the Labor Office and apply for a work permit for final exit..
      2. The documents submitted will be confirmed and a payment number will be issued with the required fees and your application will be sent to the Ministry of Interior.
      3. Pay the required financial fees before going to the passport general department
      4. After payment, visit the passport general department to issue the final exit visa.

    Service Level Agreement

    Time Anticipated to Close the Request: Immediate via Electronic Services

    If the request exceeded the specified time, you can follow up through Your voice is heard service

    Service Statistics

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    Service Manual

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