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Open Establishment File

القائمة الجانبية

    Service description

    Opening establishment file for a new establishment or a branch of the main file, in order for the establishment to benefit from ministry of labor services such as hiring expatriate etc.

    Applying Channels:

    • Labor office

    After applying on the website, service completion will be in the labor office

    • Electronic services

    Acceptance Terms:

    1. All entities of the unified number are not in the red or yellow domain.
    2. All establishments shall have commercial registration license.
    3. License to engage, for agricultural and animal activities with less than 4 employees  




    Required Documents

    • Unified Services Form after filling it
    • Applicant National identity 
    • A copy of the authorization or valid power of attorney, if the applicant is not the employer
    • Official Supplementary Document (Other Licenses)..
    • If the request relates to a new branch:
      • Commercial register or official document of the branch.
    • Special for agricultural establishments, livestock and pastoralists:
      • Agricultural or commercial register, in case the number of workers is 4 or more.
      • A copy of the lease, deed of ownership or agricultural decision, along with the original to check conformity, in case the number of workers is less than 4.

    Service Steps

    1. Visit electronic service website and log in, then select open new establishment file.
    2. Fill the required establishment data then click on the next button in all 5 pages displayed.
    3. After filling the establishment name and confirming on the correctness of the data, click on the next button, request number will be displayed, please save it as it will be used as a reference in the labor office
    4. Book an appointment through calling center, and at the appointment bring the request number along with all required documents for opening file process completion
    5. Register the establishment in national address service at Saudi post

    Service Level Agreement

    Instantly through electronic services

    Service Statistics

    The number of queries within 30 days


    Rating Service

    Average: 2.4 (178 votes)


    knowing that :

    • 1 - Unsatisfying
    • 2- Acceptable
    • 3- Good
    • 4 - Very good
    • 5- Excellent


    • Business Owners


    • Labor

    Service Manual

    الدلیل الإرشادي للخدمات الإلکترونیةلعملاء وزارة العمل.pdf

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