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Executive Rules of the Regulation of Family Guiding Centers

القائمة الجانبية

    General Provisions

    1. Except for centers owned by Legal Bodies, the owner of the Center shall be responsible for the general supervision of the Center itself and shall be under its direct responsibility.
    2. Each center shall have a full-time Manager who shall be fully discharged.
    3. The role of the center is limited to providing awareness and guiding services, family and social education, psychosocial support for both men and women, holding scientific seminars, training and rehabilitation courses, workshops related to the family and the interconnectedness of its members. This includes guidance, whether by meeting, telephone, internet or any other means approved by the Agency in the future.
    4. The Center shall be in proportion to the value it receives from its training or training services, taking into account the degree and practical experience of the instructor.
    5. The Center shall provide its advisory services only at the headquarters of the Center or branches approved by the Agency only. For seminars, training and rehabilitation courses and workshops, the Center may provide them at any appropriate place, taking into account any requirements from other parties to provide such training courses.

    And full compliance with article (31) of these rules.

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