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Organizational Regulations of the Research and Social studies National Centers

القائمة الجانبية

    General  Terms:

    1. Except for the centers owned by national entities  of a legal personality , it is conditioned that  the center’s owner should  perform the general supervision on the center by himself/herself.
    2. The center should abide by the Islamic rules and regulations, enforced laws , observed traditions and customs in addition to considering  the scientific methods regarding the researches, and social surveys preparations and also in holding the training or  rehabilitative courses , scientific  symposiums , seminars and workshops.
    3. The center should be responsible for any incorrect information written in a research a study or consultancy it provides. It is also responsible for any violation for the rules and regulations , the instructions  and the statistics issued by the concerned entity.
    4. When the center intends holding a scientific symposium,  seminar  or a workshop , it must obtain an official approval  from the agency.

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