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Regulations for the Child Protection System

القائمة الجانبية

    The Child is in all cases, a priority for protection, care and relief

    1. The benefits of the child are taken into account by the relevant bodies and preference is given to others in providing accommodation services, assistance, psychological, social, health and security support.
    2. The child has the priority of others in in obtaining protection and relief in the event of natural disasters, wars or the like.
    3. The relevant bodies shall ensure that the mentally or physically disabled child is accorded special care in a dignified life, in conditions that ensure his dignity, promote his self-reliance and facilitate his active participation in society and ensure his education and training.
    4. The relevant bodies shall ensure that the disabled child has a right to obtain health care services, rehabilitation services, preparation for work, and recreational opportunities, and in such a way as to lead to the social integration and individual development of the child, including this cultural and mental development.
    5. The relevant bodies shall ensure the exchange of appropriate information among themselves in the field of preventive health care and medical, psychological and functional treatment of children and spread information related to rehabilitation and professional services in order to improve their capacities, skills and mechanisms of work and expand its expertise in these areas.

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