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Social Development Sector

القائمة الجانبية

    The social development sector includes three agencies, namely: 
    The Ministry Agency of Social Affairs and Family: It is one of the agencies of the Ministry of Social Affairs. It contributes to the provision of social welfare to citizens who are surrounded by social and economic problems that they cannot cope with and overcome and make every effort to rely on their own potential. The Agency also seeks to contribute to the protection of society from deviations and problems and negative social phenomena that hinder its progress, impede its progress, and work to transform its disabled manpower due to physical, psychological or mental disability or to compelling social and economic conditions to productive capacities through the care, training and rehabilitation for individuals in the houses, institutions, and centers of social welfare.

    The Ministry Agency of Social Insurance: Social Insurance was established in 1382 AH to carry out its responsibilities in the implementation of development programs and projects aimed at some groups that are surrounded by special social conditions in order to provide them with a decent pension. Through its various activities, and through its various activities, which include the introduction of pensions and assistance and support the implementation of productive projects for social insurance beneficiaries through the offices of security deployed in various regions of the Kingdom. The social insurance contributes to achieving one of the strategic foundations of the five-year development plans, which is concerned with the social and health care of the Saudi society and caring for the needy groups. Through programs and projects that contribute to improve the potential of individuals, increasing their income and raising their standard of living. The main programs is also adopted in the operational plan of the Social Insurance Agency to support the continuation of providing services that lead to the advancement of the needy and unable the citizens and raise their economic and social level and improve and develop their living conditions.

    The Ministry Agency of Social Development: The Social Development Sector was part of the Ministry's Agency for Welfare and Social Development until the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 221 of 2432/1432 AH approved the organizational structure of the Ministry of Social Affairs which included an independent agency for social development. This decision is an embodiment of the role assigned to this agency. The most prominent of these roles are the supervision of the non-governmental organization supervised by the Ministry, namely, charities, charitable societies, cooperative associations, social and civil development committees, and social development centers. Where the number of these entities exceeds more than (1200) entities. The Ministry of Social Development seeks to consolidate the concept of social development in general in society as a conscious and preventive process aimed at formulating an integrated civilizational structure in which the society affirms its identity, personality and creativity based on the principle of positive collective participation by individuals through civil society. The process of planning and decision-making, the implementation and responsibilities, and the end of the benefits of the fruits and revenues of developmental projects and programs.

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