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The Service "together to compete" let users download the documents of competitions advertised, and reviewing the overall results of the competitions electronically, this is an extension of the Ministry's initiatives aimed at improving and developing the labor market environment, and its belief in the concepts of transparency and participation of the Department of Procurement in the Ministry and sister institutions (General Organization for Social Insurance, Human Resources Development Fund (Goal), and the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training). The "Together for Competition" service, one of the services of science and understanding at “together portal” also provides a portal service for users to download drafts of the pamphlets and documents of the advertised competitions, competitions that have opened their envelopes, those whose contracts have been signed, canceled competitions and review the overall results of the competitions.

The aim of the service is to promote and support the transparency of the Ministry of Labor and sister institutions, increase the participation of ministry employees, sister institutions and the society to innovate on the new and current initiatives, as well as clarifying the stages of competitions of the Ministry of Labor and sister institutions, Stimulating corporate competition and procurement efficiency.

 You can view the competitions, download the results, and review them through the link