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Last Update 13 May 2017
  • Beneficiaries: Individuals .
  • Sector: Social Development Sector .

Procedure Description

Conditions to be met in the event of the progress of a family to ensure orphans: The family must be Saudi nationality. The family shall be composed of spouses and the age of the wife must not exceed the age of 50 years, and may, when necessary, be cared by a woman. The medical examination shall prove that the family members are free of contagious and infectious diseases. The number of the children of the family must not be more than three for those are under the age of six. To be taken into account the absence of a clear difference in the color of the child's skin and the color of the skin of the members of the foster family. Verification of the good conduct and behavior of the family. The social research shall establish the family's authority to take care of the child socially, psychologically and economically, and that the benefit of the sponsorship shall not be to benefit from the monthly aid that has been paid to the child