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Last Update 13 May 2017
  • Beneficiaries: Individuals .

Procedure Description

Procedures required to enroll in social and comprehensive rehabilitation centers After completing all the required documents from the disabled and after confirming the applicability of the accommodation conditions, the following steps must be done: 1- Fill out forms and models for the enrollment that are available at the Center. 2- Registration of a social rehabilitation application for the disabled person by a computer and giving it a special beneficiary number (especially for cases that apply for the first time and have never been covered by the financial subsidy provided by the ministry). 3. The Center shall submit the application of the disabled guardian to the General Administration for the Care and Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons in the Ministry to obtain the approval of the holder of the right to join the Center. 4. In case of the absence of a vacant place in the Center for the disabled, he shall be registered on the waiting lists until a vacancy is available for him. Required documents for admission to the social and comprehensive rehabilitation centers: 1- A clear photo of the identity of the disabled person. 2 - Four personal photos with the size 4 * 6 for the disabled. 3. A recent medical report explaining that the disabled person is free from contagious and contagious diseases. 4 - Application for placement in the center provided by the disabled guardian. Remarkable: The disabled person shall not be entitled to combine the accommodation service of the Center with the payment of the subsidy. The benefit shall be discontinued after receiving the accommodation service.