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Service Description


Canceling establishment file for working establishment in the labor office according to a commercial record, municipality license or other licenses


The applicant must be an accredited representative of the establishment in the of the Ministry of Labor system. No Labor is registered under this establishment.

Labor offices (click here) - working hours from Sunday to Thursday from 8:00 AM to 2.20:00 PM

Time Anticipated to Close the Request: Immediately after visiting the office

If the request exceeded the specified time, you can follow up through Your voice is heard service

Required Documents

  • Unified service form after filling it.
  • Applicant National identity .
  • Letter from the entity granted the license, stating that the activity has been canceled, approved by chamber of commerce or legal power of attorney. 


Service Steps

  1. Delete the activity from the entity that granted the license
  2. Settlement of employment status through service transfer or final exit issuance
  3. Make an electronic appointment in the office labor near you, in the appointment request deletion of the activity 
  4. The request number and detail  will be sent via text message
  5. Change the establishment status to not working.