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Service Description


The Dependent Management Service enables existing beneficiaries of the Pension Service to manage the data of their family members to modify, delete or add a new Affiliate.

Targets the elderly males, temporarily/permanently disabled males, handicapped males, divorced woman with no provider, divorced family with no provider, widowed woman with no provider, widowed family with no provider, abandoned woman with no provider,
abandoned woman with no provider, abandoned family with no provider, wife of lost or missing husband, family of lost or missing husband, wife of a drug addict, family of a drug addict, prisoner's wife, prisoner's family, wife of incapacitated husband,
family of incapacitated husband, male/female orphan with deceased father, male orphan with unknown parents

Eservices (Click here)  , this service provided through e-services only

Time Anticipated to Close the Request: 3 days

Required Documents

The type of documents required will appear based on the beneficiary category

Service Steps

  1. The beneficiary should meet the conditions of one of the targeted groups.
  2. The beneficiary should meet the eligibility conditions of the social insurance pension.

In case the beneficiary is eligible to apply for the social security pension , he/she could add a dependent by filling the below data:

  • Dependents personal data
  • Upload required documents

      3.The beneficiary then submits the application and follows up on (My applications) until a decision is made about his/her application.