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Service Description


  • The service enables submitting inquiries regarding registered penalties for owned establishments and submit a penalty objection or settlement within the first 30 days of penalty issuance.
  • The submission service also facilitates uploading of documents and tracking of the status of the procedure via the portal.
The person is authorized to submit
Terms of service
The employer must apply for the settlement through the eServices portal within 30 days from the date of the penalty.
A settlement of an offense to which an objection has already been made cannot be submitted and vice versa
The scope of the institution should be medium green, green, high, Platinum, in order to submit a settlement request.
Establishment owner must hire the employee after the date of the penalty and registered with social insurance before the data attached to the request for settlement.
The employee's salary should be 4000 SR or more
The Establishment must commit for a full year to employ the worker, and in case of dismissal must be employed alternative under the same conditions within 30 days from the date of alert. Or the settlement will be canceled.
The Establishment shall be bound by the Wage Protection System and there shall be no notice on the establishments.
At the time for requesting the settlement number of Saudis in the establishment should be equal or more than the number of Saudis at violation approval date.
The same employee should not be employed for more than one settlement.
The owner of the establishment must respond to the requests and queries of the settlement team, no later than 7 days or the request for settlement will be canceled automatically.

The request is to be resolved within : Settlement is subject to a full year of control before the value is finally reduced.

If the request exceeded the specified time, you can follow up through Your voice is heard service

Required Documents


Service Steps

  1. The establishment owner logs in via the E-services portal.
  2. establishment owner navigates to ‘’Esablishment services’’ and selects the service he wishes to imply.
  3. The system check if there are any registered penalties by clicking on Search
  4. The Establishment Owner selects the penalty he wishes to ask settlement for.
  5. The establishment owner fills out the required information.
  6. The system displays the settlement service request number and the status of the request.

Service Files