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Service Description


This Service allows to transfer workers to another establishment

The establishment should register the national address service at Saudi Post, and the subscription should be valid for both the branch of the establishment applying for service and the main center.
The Business activity license should be valid, and if it does not have a license, the commercial register must be valid.
The Establishment should not have employers with expired residence permits.
The establishment should not have a national who is prohibited from transferring its services.
The establishment should still in green zone after transferring the expatriates .
Saudiztion ratio, issued and unused visas, and transfer requests under study are included in the calculation of the balance for the establishment to have new workers.
A worker can be moved from an establishment without the permission of the current employer in the following cases: -If the worker's license and residence permits are expired. -If the worker has not been paid for three months.-If there is malicious report

Eservices (Click here)  , this service provided through e-services only

Time Anticipated to Close the Request: Immediate via Electronic Services

If the request exceeded the specified time, you can follow up through Your voice is heard service

Required Documents

No required Document 

Service Steps

  1. Transfer service application:
    1. -Open E-services page login then choose the establishment then click on ( Transfer Expatriate Service )
    2. -To complete transferring the current should approve through his email.
    3. -Search the worker via his residence number -Pay the due fees (if any) and follow up with General Passports for issuing new residence.
    4. -Agree the Terms and conditions of the Service by checking the box and then (submit).
  2. Approve service transfer:
    1. -Visit the e-Services page, log in, select the , and choose Service (Transfer Expatriate Service).
    2. -You'll see a screen of requests to transfer a expatriate service that is not approved yet, review the requests.
    3. -Once you have reviewed all the requests, you can agree to transfer the incoming worker from your establishment or rejection by pressing the appropriate button (Approve) or (Reject).