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    Resume of the Minister of labor and Social Development / Ali bin Nasser Al Ghafees

    Personal information:

    Name: Ali bin Nasser Al Ghafees
    Job Description: Minister of labor and social development


    Al Riyadh ¸ Ministry of Labor and Social Development 
    Email : Alwazeer@mlsd.gov.sa

    PH. D in Public Politics Researches and Analysis (Political Science and Technology) from University of Pittsburg – United States of America 1991m.
    Master Degree in Public Administration from Pittsburg University – United States of America 1987m.
    Bachelor Degree in Public Administration from King Abdul Aziz University - Jeddah - 1405h.

    Training courses:
    Higher Diploma in Administration 1989 – Pittsburg University.
    Higher Diploma in Applied Political Analysis 1989 – Pittsburg University.
    Higher Diploma in Information Services Management 1987 – Pittsburg University.

    Practical Experiences:
    29/2/1437h to 2/3/1438h member of Ashura Council.
    3/3/1422h to 28/2/1437h Governor of the General Organization of Technology and Vocational Training.
    1418h to 3/3/1422 Vice Governor of Researches and Development.
    Supervising research, curricula and libraries, and developing manpower, organizational structures, procedures and methods of work in the institution.
    1412h – 1418h General manager of Technical Education.
    1411h- 1412h Member of training faculty at the Technical College in Riyadh.

    Responsibilities includes:

    • Lectures at the Technical College and Director of Research and Curriculum at the Foundation.
    • 1406-1411 h scholarship for Master`s and PH.D.
    • 1405-1406 h Member of the training staff and deputy in Secondary Commercial institute.
    • 1400- 1405 h Member of Training in the Technical Institute of Agriculture.
    • Membership of committees and boards of directors 
    • Member of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Public Administration
    • Member of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Credit Bank from 1416H to 1418H
    • Member of the Training and Scholarship Committee for civil services.
    • Member of the Preparatory Committee of the Supreme Committee for Education Policy in the Kingdom from 1418 to 1421H.
    • Member of the Higher Committee for the Development of Education.
    • Member of the Saudi National Committee for Education, Culture and Science from 1418H to 1421H.
    • Member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Human Resources Development Fund.

    Participation in the membership of the Saudi joint committees. Supervisor of meetings held between officials of the General Organization for Technical Education and Vocational Training and businessmen in chambers of commerce and industry.

    Participate in many local and international seminars and conferences.  

    Ali bin Nasser Al-Ghafees (Saudi Universities: Their Role in Science, Technology and Development) in English. Publisher: University press of America, 1992

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