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مكافحة جرائم الإتجار بالأشخاص


The gate (your voice heard) is a gateway to direct access and complementarity between the work of the ministry and the community.

Works to increase the effectiveness of the electronic communication and raise the rate of participation of the public in the partnership on the orientations of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, as these gate leads to  listen to every proposal or complaint or observation on the work of the ministry and its its services.

Through this gate
Submitting a Complaint or a remark

To submit a proposal to elevate the services and the work of the ministry.

Set a date to meet Minister of Labor and Social Development or one of the deputy ministers.

The complainant is any problem encountered by a ministry member or the beneficiaries of its services through both traditional and electronic channels.  The aim of the complaint is to draw the attention of decision makers or who is in charge in the ministry on a special case or constraint faced by the complainant requiring a resolve. interference by one ministry or departments to correct the situation and solve the problem.

It is possible that the complaint is submitted to the ministry or one of its system till the service centers or branches of the Ministry or its various units in all areas of the kingdom.

We pledge our commitment to the highest standards of care and accuracy in searching, verifying, and analyzing before deciding on any complaint. We also pledge our commitment to the full responsibility for all the actions that accompany the alerting process and the decisions and judgments issued against the perpetrators of such violations of whatever kind.

In order to deal with the complaints which submitted to the ministry, the process is to study it perfectly and send it to the relevant department for studying. Communicating with the complaint through traditional or electronic way in case of requiring additional information or submitting results to the complaint. If there is an absence of reply, customer can communicate directly with the Ministry for warning about that by using complaint No.    

The appointment service is a basic service and a preferred means to communicate with the Ministry's beneficiaries and to facilitate meeting with the ministry's officials to present their views or raise their problems and other reasons for requesting the appointment, and everyone has the right to access your voice service.

The appointment service is linked to the availability periods recorded by the officials for the meetings. This helps to facilitate the meeting opportunities and organize the needs of the beneficiaries of the services of the ministry without having to bother to attend the ministry or its officials without knowing the times available for the visit and public meetings.

When the customer has booked an appointment he will receive an SMS stating the date and number of the appointment. The customer can not register more than one appointment within two working weeks. Allowing the largest number of customers to achieve their desire and facilitate their opportunities to meet them.

The Director of the Bureau shall have the right to cancel the appointments recorded 12 hours prior to the condition that the beneficiaries and the registrars are informed and compensated with an alternative time. This shall be in the event that the Ministry officials are bound by important meetings or emergency events that require postponement or cancellation of the meeting. Appointment management can also prevent a particular beneficiary from the service if there is no reason to request the appointment or not to relate the subject of the appointment to the administrator, and the client is advised in time for the right way or transfer it to the authorized official.

The concept of the proposal is taken every new idea of ​​development or creation of an existing business approach that results in practical benefits that have concrete results or positive effects in the fields of investment of material and human resources, satisfaction of the customers, quality, efficiency, efficiency and productivity of the work, the working environment. And other areas related to the functions and competences of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development.

The Ministry welcomes the support of its beneficiaries and its employees and receives their public and private suggestions to improve the quality of their services.

The proposal's policy begins with the proposals being received and transferred after studying the concerned departments after the bank has informed the ministry of the initiatives and proposals in the ministry about the proposal, and the reception of the proposal is not a promise to implement it, but rather its study and its applicability and what follows.

The Ministry also reserves the moral and legal right to reject the proposals and not to respond to the client, and the registration of the idea or proposal and the conversion or production or reconstruction in the appropriate manner of business strategies and plans for the ministry and its various sectors.

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Complaint Status

Inquire about your complaint status using the track NO that already sent to you via mobile